• The mission of the Office of Student Services is to minimize the impact of disabilities and challenges, and to maximize opportunities for all to participate.

    Student Services include all aspects of student life that go beyond the provision of curriculum and instruction, including services in special education, English-learner education, protection of civil rights, community partnerships, preschool services, elementary and middle school guidance, nursing services, and education of homeless children.

    Providing a continuum of services for all children that assures optimal access to all elements of school community life is central to all of our programs and services.


  • Special Education Information for Parents

    A Parent’s Guide to Special Education: in collaboration with the Federation for Children with Special Needs, DESE previously created "A Parent's Guide to Special Education", a resource for parents and organizations that serve them. Now, DESE’s Office of Special Education Planning and Policy is excited to share the newly developed, online, interactive guide to complement the original. The interactive guide is in the form of an e-learning module. Both the original Parent Guide and the e-learning module highlight Massachusetts' special education systems, and both were designed for families who have children with disabilities. The e-learning module is accessible through DESE’s Special Education homepage or directly at http://www.doe.mass.edu/sped/videos/parents-guide/index.html#/.

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