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    WPS 2021


    Wareham Public Schools will support challenging, engaging, innovative, globally minded educational experiences, providing a competitive advantage for our students, our school, and our community, creating a better world.

    Overarching Themes

    Scholarship: (Teaching, Learning, Assessment, & Accountability)

    Leadership: (Clear philosophies and prevailing norms, influenced by its leadership and those who work for or influence its operation)

    Citizenship: (Examine issues from global perspectives, consider and solve complex problems, communicate effectively, act with integrity)

    Stewardship: (Providing funding that supports the infrastructure to connect to the web, accommodate devices, technical supports, professional learning, provide safe learning environments)

    Essential Questions

    How do we expand students’ capacity to learn by setting rigorous tasks, posing familiar and unfamiliar problems, and encouraging perseverance and effort through conventional and innovative solutions?

    What are best practices to create student-centered classrooms that follow an experiential, interdisciplinary approach providing multiple pathways to a shared learning goal and reflect academic integrity and practical application?

    How can we expand curiosity, creativity and critical thinking skills through the exploration of new ideas by requiring student to plan, design, execute, and evaluate solutions?

    What is the best way to create the expectation that students can communicate learning in multiple ways – orally, visually, in writing, and through movement using multiple media?

    Theory of Action

    A systems theory of action informed the Strategic Planning Committee and school leadership team. This view of public education enabled the team to “explore, understand and describe” (Banathy & Jenlink, 1996, p. 47) the complexities of school life while change is or will be emerging. Banathy and Jenlink (1996) proposed this “new way of thinking enables us to explore” (p. 47):

    (a) Characteristics embedded within interconnected levels

    (b) Relationships and interdependencies within the system

    (c) Energy transmitted between the system and environment

    (d) Purpose, goals, and boundaries of the system and society

    (e) Interactions, relationships, and patterns connected within the system

    (f) “Properties of wholeness and the characteristics that emerge” at various system levels

    (g) “Behavior of schools as living systems, and manifestations of changes over time” (p. 47).

    Social systems are open systems that consider taking information from the environment, having the capacity to learn and change (Miller, 1978). The system and the environment are interconnected and interdependent. Changes in one area have the potential to lead to unpredicted changes in other areas (Reigeluth, 2004 as cited in Schwamb, 2013)

    No School?

    If Wareham Public Schools are to be closed or to have a delayed opening, the decision is usually not reached until early in the morning.

    Wareham Public Schools makes such announcements on the following media outlets: WEEI 850 AM, WPLM 99.1 FM, WBZ 1030 AM/TV 4, WCVB TV 5, WHDH TV 7, WQRC 99.9 FM, WCIB 102 FM, WCOD 106.1 FM, WBSM 1420 AM, WFHN 107 FM, WCTK 98.1 FM, WPXC 93.5 FM, WXTK 95 FM, FRANKFM 101.1 FM, WFXT FOX 25.

    In addition, every effort will be made to contact every household directly by telephone via the Power Announcement telephone system. Please contact your child’s school in order to ensure your contact information is up-to-date in the system.

    Closings are also generally announced on the district website, WarehamPS.org, and on our official Facebook and Twitter accounts.

    Parents are reminded to keep children home if schools are to be in session, but conditions are hazardous in your immediate residential area. Parents should, in such cases, send a signed note to the school when the child next attends school. We ask that this practice not be abused.

    Parents are also alerted to the fact that, occasionally, because of severe weather or other emergency conditions, school may be dismissed during the school day at any time. It is impossible for the School Department to notify all parents prior to an emergency dismissal. Therefore, we expect that parents work out plans with friends or relatives to care for children in the event of an emergency dismissal.

    In the event that school is canceled due to inclement weather, dangerous driving conditions, or other emergencies, all other activities canceled for that day or evening will be canceled, with the exception of Adult Evening School. Cancellation of Adult Evening School will be announced separately.