Superintendent's Blog, February 3, 2020

Posted by Dr. Kimberley Shaver-Hood on 2/3/2020

Dear Families and Community Members,

If you have not reviewed the Facebook page describing our new elementary school, I urge you to check it out.  This site provides information about the school, a virtual tour of the building, and opportunity to ask questions about the new building.  Information is updated on a regular basis and will continue to be throughout building construction.

Last week, School Committee member Joyce Bacchiocchi and I attending the Board of Selectmen Meeting as we were seeking their approval in placing articles on the Spring Town Meeting Warrant.  The articles included; endorsement of moving two applications forward to MSBA for the accelerated repair of the HVAC systems at Wareham High School and partial roof replacement and HVAC repairs at the Wareham Middle School, both received approval. 

One article which was voted down was the article which would allow our citizens of Wareham the ability to name the new elementary school.  Honoring traditions and our past have been and continues to be a very important part of our school district, and we will not change this belief.  However, we hope to continue to honor our past and move forward into the future by providing the citizens of Wareham the opportunity to be a part of naming our new elementary school.




Dr. Kimberly B. Shaver-Hood


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February 4th - School Council Meeting 7:00 AM

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Groundhog Day. Will we have an early spring?

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100th Day of School

Last day of Session 1 for the CARE program



2/6/2020 - Session 1 of CARE ends