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Additional School Year Bus Information will be posted soon, please stand by.

  • Back to School - Bus Information:

    We encourage parents and students to:

    • Do not be tardy for the bus. Getting to the bus stop 5 to 10 minutes prior to the arrival of the bus prevents rushing. 

    • Stay 10 giant steps away from the outside of the bus.

    • Follow all safety protocols when walking to bus stops or when waiting at bus stops and never engage in horseplay at a bus stop and never wait in the street. 

    • Wait for the bus to stop completely before approaching or preparing to leave.

    • Before approaching a school bus to get on, wait until it comes to a complete stop and activates flashing red lights. Be alert if crossing to a bus to ensure that cars have stopped. 

    • Wait until the driver lets you know it is OK to cross the street or walk in front of the bus.

    • Always sit properly on the bus. Avoid standing and obey bus driver’s instructions. 

    • No horseplay, shouting or yelling while getting on or off or riding on a school bus. Always be courteous and respectful of others

    • Avoid picking up any items that may have dropped near the bus. Instead ask the driver for help.

    • Stay away from the bus wheels at all times. 
     Keep hands and arms inside of the bus and never throw anything from a school bus. 

    • Wait until the bus stops before getting out of your seat. 

    • Always be aware of other traffic when getting off of a school bus. 

    Promoting the safety of children in Wareham is the most important obligation responsible adults share. By taking a few minutes to review these suggestions, much can be done to enhance the school environment. Children are our most precious commodities. I ask parents and students to join with us in making this school year safe, healthy and productive for all. 

    With the increase in mobile technology, students and motorists can easily become distracted. The few seconds it takes to talk on a cell phone, text or change songs can take a student’s focus off of walking safely to the bus stop or cause a motorist to not see a bus’ important safety features like stop arms and warning lights.

    Motorists should remember that wherever there is a school bus, there are children around. Always heed the school bus stop lights. When the stop lights are activated, children are entering or exiting the bus, and motorists must stop until the area is clear.

    Wareham is focused on delivering safe and reliable transportation to the students of the community every single day. 

    All Bus Routes are subject to change.



    95 Charge Pond Rd.  Wareham, Massachusetts 02571

    (508) 291-3574 FAX (508) 291-3570         


    Dear Parents/Guardians,

    Bus registration is mandatory for all students planning to use regular bus transportation for the 21/22 school year.

    PLEASE COMPLETE AND SUBMIT THE BUS REGISTRATION FORM in a timely manner.  Your child will not be permitted to ride without completing and submitting the form whether or not payment is required for them.

    Bus Registration Forms - June 30, 2021 was this year's deadline.  

    Thank you,

    Transportation Department


    Frequently Asked Bus Questions


    Q- Will bus passes be required?

    A- Yes. Bus passes will be issued to all eligible students at their school during the first month of school. Passes will not be required to ride the bus during the first few weeks of school. Students will not be permitted to ride the bus without a bus pass once the passes have been distributed.

    Q- What if I need the bus only two or three days per week?

    A- The cost for all students is the same regardless of how many days you intend to ride the bus.

    Q- Who can be suspended from riding the bus?

    A- Anyone who violates the School Bus Conduct Policy may be suspended. 


    Q- What happens if I send in my application after the deadline date?

    A- Applications received after the deadline may be placed on a waiting list. Bus routes and staffing will be planned based on applications received on the deadline date. The transportation department cannot guarantee transportation for your student if the application is received after the deadline date.

    Q- What if my child forgets or loses his/her bus pass?

    A- We will allow a child to board the morning bus; however, the child must obtain a temporary pass from the Principals office in order to board the bus in the afternoon. A temporary pass will be allowed on 2 occasions. After that, your child will not be allowed on the bus. If your child loses their bus pass you can obtain a new one for a $5 charge.

    Q- What if my child has special needs?

    A- If your child has special transportation in their Individual Education Plans (IEP) they will not have to pay the bus fee. ** No Bus Fees for 21/22/ school year.

    Q- What if my child has a “504 Plan”?

    A- Students who have a 504 plan are subject to the fee under the same provisions as all other students.  ** No Bus Fees for 21/22 school year.

    Q- What if my child goes to a day care or babysitter?

    A- You will pay based on your home address to your child’s school. It doesn’t matter where your day care is located as long as it falls within the buses route you will receive transportation. This is how we keep it fair for all students.  ** No Bus Fees for 21/22 school year.