• IP Security Camera WHS

    Addendum (last edit 5.29 11.23 AM)

    Q:           Are you providing all CAT6 cabling from switch to camera?

    A:           Please provide a separate attachment outlining the installation costs for wiring each camera location, termination and testing of each line. Please use the diagrams and camera locations as your baseline for quantity of cable runs.

    Q:           Do you have a preference on exterior camera mounting hardware?

    A:           We would prefer dome installation for each camera exterior install to help prevent weather damage/vandalism etc. 

    Q:           Are we required to provide hardware for workstations?

    A:           No, Wareham Public Schools will be responsible for all workstations including computers and monitors.  The bid should include professional hours to help set up such equipment as the installation is finishing up.  The three main work stations of interest is the front office, principal’s office, and outside the principal’s office.  All other workstations will be completed by Wareham Public Schools personnel. 

    Q:           Do you want camera software to provide analytics on INTERIOR, EXTERIOR or both?

    A:           Wareham Public Schools asks to bid cameras that support software analytics for both interior and exterior cameras.  Please use the building diagrams for an exact count.

    Q:           Are we responsible for removing the old cameras including coaxial cabling and power?

    A:           The bid should include the removal of all current interior and exterior camera and for the coax to be tucked back into the wall or ceiling.  Wareham Public Schools will be responsible for further removal of coaxial cabling and power.

    Q:           Are we providing the network hardware and configuration for the new camera install?

    A:           No, Wareham Public Schools will provide all network components and configuration.


    The new close date on bidding will be Friday June 7th at 2:00 PM.  Decision will be made June 13th