9th Grade

    11/6 Panel Discussion: Stress & Time Management

    1/9 Panel Discussion: Preparing for Midterms

    3/5-3/7 Strength Explorer Inventory through Naviance

    4/3 Panel Discussion: GPA Game

    4/22-4/25 Multiple Intelligence Inventory through Naviance


    10th Grade

    11/13-11/15 Career Interest Inventory through Naviance

    12/17-12/19 PSAT Score presentation

    3/11-3/12 "Do What You Are" Inventory through Naviance


    11th Grade

    12/17-12/19 PSAT Score Presentation


    12th Grade

    5/6-5/7 Guidance and Graduation Surveys


    All WHS Grades

    12/5-12/6 "Signs Your Friend is Struggling"

    1/16 "Mindfulness"

    2/13 "Changing Negative Thoughts to Positive Ones"

    February Course Selection Presentations

    March Course Selection Meetings