• Student Chromebook Screen Repair Process

    The following repair process should be followed for all students grades 8 through 12.

    1. Obtain a Chromebook Repair Form and fill out the necessary information on the sheet. A repair form can be found at the front desk, on the website under STUDENTS/PARENTS, or from a technology representative.
    2. Once the repair form has been completed, please make the amount payable by either a check or cash. All checks should be made out to Wareham Public Schools.  Payment should be given to the building secretary.  A receipt and copy of the order form will be given once payment has been received.
    3. Deliver the damaged Chromebook and the order form to the school technology representative.
    4. All Chromebooks, based on parts availability, will be fixed within 5 school days.
    5. The student will be allowed to use a loaner Chromebook during repair times. A loaner Chromebook is only to be used during normal school hours and under no circumstances be taken home.   If the loaner Chromebook is not returned at the end of the school day, an order form for the full replacement cost will be issued.
    6. Once the Chromebook has been fixed, the student will be contacted and can pick up their Chromebook from the technology office located at the school.

    If the Chromebook is damaged for other reasons (non-screen related), the process above should still be followed but reviewed FIRST by a technology representative prior to the repair form being filled out.  If the technology representative deems the Chromebook needs to be replaced, an order form for the full amount of the Chromebook will be issued.

    Other Chromebook issues (non-damage related) should be given to the school technology representative for review.  These issues will be fixed at no cost to the student/parent.

    All pricing is direct from our supplier.  There is no mark-up/margin added for repair labor.  Under no circumstances should students/parents repair the Chromebook using an outside vendor unless through the selected insurance provider The Worth Ave Group.


    Chromebook Part Pricing for the 2018-2019 School Year**





    HP/Lenovo Chromebook

    Replacement Chromebook


    HP/Lenovo Screen

    Replacement Screen


    HP/Lenovo TouchPad/Keyboard

    Unresponsive/Missing Keys


    HP/Lenovo Shell Casing

    Cracked/split because of drop


    HP/Lenovo Charger




    ** All pricing is current as of 8/15/2019 and is subject to change based on supplier pricing**